Learning from the seminar of the new seismology
The serious problem hidden in the mantle tomography

Fig.1 The condition of a mantle to see at an earthquake wave speed .An earthquake wave speed inside the mantle investigated by seismologic tomography. The section which cut the earth in the position of Fig2 is shown. The speed of the red part is slower than a standard, and a blue part is early. (Together, 1% of the maximums) .An earthquake wave speed and temperature inside the mantle are almost correlation. A speed is as slow as temperature is high. A difference in temperature in the figure is about 400Ž. It is understood that hot mantle material is raised from around the core mantle to the surface of the earth of the Pacific Polynesia area from this figure. This is the plume which forms hotspot. (By the data on Nagoya university, HukaoYosio) .

Fig..1 is the mantle tomography used well recently in the seismology. It is understood that a calculation block was classified from a difference in calculation of only 2% of the speeds from the commentary of the figure. 2% of differences in calculation are as small as within calculation error. Moreover, this calculation is being carried out under the supposition that a mantle is rigid. A calculation becomes invalid if a mantle is a liquid though a rigid is the precondition that an earthquake wave passes. It is mentioned that the fluid movement of the plume was confirmed by using the supposition of rigid as a result. This only shows that the precondition of the calculation broke.

Fig.2 The section of the calculation

Because it partly melts, it will insist that a mantle can transmit an earthquake wave fully. Even if it is so, a calculation must exclude only the even part of the plume. Furthermore, it doesn't let arrival time correspond to the observation value because an earthquake wave isn't advanced from the plume to the front. In other words, it is supposed to become calculation impossibility. It is nonsense to confirm a fluid movement by the mantle tomography.

Why doesn't a seismologist notice such a funny thing? I think that a mantle is a fluid. Therefore, it thinks that it is natural that there is a fluid movement of the mantle plume. I rather want it recognized that a mantle is a fluid early. However, that is to want a mantle tomography thrown away. An earthquake wave doesn't progress in the mantle. That progresses on the inside of the crust of 2 layer structure. Of course a P wave in a part progresses inside the mantle. But, it only reaches the space of 142‹from 180‹. Other earthquake waves (They are both a P wave and a S wave.) progress on the inside of the crust, and it reaches to the point of 103‹. 103‹ and 142‹ mean the boundary of the zone of the shadow which an earthquake wave doesn't reach. See a new office 8 about this shadow zone.