Learning from the seminar of the new seismology

Mantle solid theory is wrong
Fig.1 and Fig2 figures show depth and a name inside the earth. Temperature and the density estimated from the calculation of the speed of the earthquake wave are shown, too. So far, it was estimated that a solid mantle layer existed to 2900km downward of Mohorovici discontinuous. Liquid outer core exists with old theory from there 5100km. It was the estimation that solid inner core existed in that inside more. But, as for temperature in the deep portion of 2900km, it is understood that it exceeds 4000 from this figure.

Does the material which can transmit an earthquake wave at such high temperature exist?

Will the material which isn't being dissolved under such high temperature exist?

Fig.3 shows what is believed the course of an earthquake wave to progress on the inside of the earth of the high temperature.

It is an observation fact that the shadow area of the earthquake wave exists between the center angles from 103@to 142.

Fig.1 Name inside the earth .

Fig.2 Temperature and density inside the earth .

(What is believed like that. But, in fact it isn't clear.) .

It goes well when the existence of two core's is supposed to explain this observation fact.

But, this course figure makes a mistake if it doesn't have the solid which can exist under such high temperature as mentioned in the top.

If mantle solid theory is wrong, seismology is destroyed from the base. A mantle tomography loses meaning, too.
It is a series of Ishida theory to show how it is actually.

Fig.3 What is believed the course of an earthquake wave to progress on the inside of the earth . Actual course doesn't seem to be this figure. It is right to progress on the inside of the crust.

As for Ishida theory, it is expecting that the second layer of the crust exists in the bottom of Mohorovici discontinuity.The second layer of this crust is the stiff layer of the peridotite. An earthquake wave passes in this layer, and progresses to the point of 103. Some of the waves progress halfway to the first layer of the basalt as well. So, earthquake wave energy is exhausted. A wave to progress from the position of 142 to the position of 180 is a P wave to progress on the inside of the mantle. It is a reason for the area (shadow area) which not an earthquake wave reaches to be made. See new office 8.