Learning from the seminar of the new seismology

A fire in the big earthquake is not a secondary disaster

A big fire usually appears when a big earthquake happens. There may not have been a big earthquake of only the shock disaster in the population crowding area so far. A fire was thought to be a secondary disaster in the earthquake. A certain person advises that put out fire, and protect home against the fire because it never becomes a big fire if you put out only fire. But, this is a very dangerous idea. If a big earthquake appears, it is good to take refuge behavior early. The reason why a fire happens at the time of the earthquake is explained by using four sheets of figures.

Fig-1 A dissociation layer is raised. The occurrence of the dissociated water .

Fig-2 The decrease of the low temperature area, dissociated water ignition and a seismic occurrence .

When a dissociation layer is being raised, some of the consolidated water dissociate, and dissociated water is made (Fig.1) .At this time, magma falls down by the high pressure, and many little cracks occur, and an earthquake sign appears. Because a dissociation is an endothermic reaction, circumference temperature falls down , and a detonating gas doesn't ignite.

Low temperature areas decrease at the stage of Fig.2, and dissociated water ignites, and explosive power acts on the pushicompressionn jarea. This means a seismic occurrence.

Fig-3 The crush of the magma chamber, some big crack occurrences and the occurrence of a fault .

Fig-4 A dissociated water occurrence after the earthquake, rise in the detonating gas and the occurrence of the fire .

When it becomes the stage of Fig.3, a magma chamber is crashed because of a decrease in pressure due to the consolidation reactio, and magma is being raised. Many big cracks occur in the push area, and an exceptionally big scar occurs around a fault.

Well, the most dreadful phenomenon occurs at the stage of Fig.4. Some of the consolidated water dissociate by the heat of the magma being raised and the heat radiated by the consolidation@process again.

This dissociated water passes the big crack which occurred due to the explosion, and spouts in the ground. The crust which a crack occurred in can't stop the omission of the detonating gas which is mixed gas with oxygen gas and the hydrogen gas. The mixed gas of high temperature ignites easily, and a big fire is caused on the ground. After it extinguished the fire, a fire appeared many times at the time of the earthquake of Kobe . Streets dry in a few amounts of drainage soon by the high fever gas. This fire lasts until the dissociated water of the magma chamber disappears.

When it thinks from this, you had better not think that a fire is avoided at the time of the big earthquake. When it has the idea that home is protected, a refuge is delayed, and a life is lost.

The story of <Then, right after a seismic occurrence was done, raging flames attacked it, and to run away was as much as possible.> was experienced from the screen of the television at the time of Hokkaido western coastal waters earthquake. Though it was attacked by tsunami and flooded, there is a record that the fire started on the next seismic day.

. A fire isn't avoided with the big earthquake. A fire is not a secondary disaster, but it surely appears on the big earthquake. Know that you have the possibility which can't protect a life when plate-techtonics theory is embraced.

The next two sheets of photographs are the terrible scenes of the earthquake big fire which attacked Kobe. As for the event that a house is crushed, both a gust and a tornado happen. But, a fire doesn't happen with the gust and the tornado.

You should recognize it at the time of the big earthquake not only ground shake but also ground detonating gas spout.

The streets of Kobe burning violently .