Learning from the seminar of the new seismology
The 200millon age of the ocean bottom is a story only on the surface
The geology of the ocean bottom is thought to be much simpler from the continent. That life is only said as the 200millon age. The submarine ground is because it is born in the ridge part and it is moved in the 200millon year and disappears in the trench part to the inside of the earth. However, the stratum of much land tells that that is wrong. That contradiction can be seen when the age when for example the Grand Canyon was in the bottom of the sea is presumed.

Fig.1 The magnetic stripe pattern of the rock in the ocean bottom .

There is the next article in a magazine Newton foundation 10 anniversaries journal (1991Vol.11 NO.8). It is said that there was a cycle of the accumulation, the elevation and the erosion of three times in the Grand Canyon so far. The stratum seen at present depends on the early accumulation. A stratum from the Paleozoic strata until now doesn't exist. This means that this recent 250millon year was the age of the elevation and the erosion.

The above is that article. The stratum seen at present is a stratum from the Earlier Cambrian period (about 600millon age ago) until the Paleozoic strata (about 250millon age ago). It is said that there is no new stratum after that. Though it is said that it went down to the sea many times, the most old-fashioned submarine stratum the 250millon age ago must be a stratum the 200millon age ago at least from that time. Therefore, it can be understood that a stratum the 450million age ago is in the Grand Canyon. But, it contradicts that a stratum the 600millon age ago exists.

Fig2. The stratum generation of the Grand Canyon .

Is it improper by such an easy calculation? Or, doesn't a submarine 200miionn age argument person notice such an easy thing, either?

Though the stratum of the sedimentary rock is in every continent, there is not only a stratum for the 200millon year from the age of the top layer. A more old-fashioned stratum exists. Obviously submarine life 200millon age theory is wrong. A submarine life 200millon age argument must be moved with the submarine surface life argument. A submarine expansion opinion is wrong, too. It is said that plate tectonics theory was supported by the investigation of the deep sea digging ship Gromer Challenger. But, it is submarine accumulation material that it was collected by Gromer Charenger. It is not crust material. Accumulation material is on the surface of the crust. The ocean bottom expansion can't be proved unless the movement of the equivalent part to the bone of the crust is investigated.

There is an important function to make the surface of the bottom of the sea in the submarine volcano Mountains. There is description of the submarine volcano in the big global travel notes of NHK "the marvelous submarine world". It is introduced from there.

Mysterious black smoke. The true character of Black Smoker

Alvin which it passed through in the deep sea of the depth 2600m that it left Mexico 200km in 1979 saw a strange sight. Many strange chimney-shaped rocks stood on the bottom of the sea, and that rock spouted black smoke. The plastic part of the thermometer which put it for the measurement melted soon. It was the heat water of the high temperature that it seemed to be black smoke. It was the volcanic phenomenon which probably spouted explosively if it lacks the pressure of the seawater which becomes 260 atmospheric pressure. It was the strange sight which a scientist didn't imagine so far. It was named Black Smoker, and a scientist in the world paid attention, and a rock like this chimney was researched. When it investigated, the smoke of Black Smoker was the high temperature of 250. And, it found that the true character of the black smoke was the compound (sulfide) of the iron, copper, the zinc and sulfur.

Fig.3 The sketch of Black Smoker .

The above is that article. It is said that this strange chimney is very much in the central valley of the ridge. The matter of the bottom of the sea Mountains is introduced from the same article.

A big submarine mountain range to surround the sea of the earth.

It passes through Iceland from the Arctic Ocean, and proceeds in the Pacific Ocean south, and then that mountain range leads to the Indian Ocean. That separates to the red sea and the east Pacific Ocean more. It proceeds in the California Peninsula more and lands. It appears in the bottom of the sea off the Canadian shore again. Total extension is more than 70000km, and height is the very big mountain range of 3000m. This is the same as the length which all mountain ranges in the land were connected with. Such a big mountain range is not in the ground. A valley is leading at the top of this big mountain range along the mountain range. The top of the mountain range splits, and a valley is formed. All the heat water spouting phenomena discovered by now exist in this valley. The big mountain ranges to surround the earth 74000km were the volcano Mountains.

The above is that article. This ridge makes the surface material of the ocean bottom, and a crust isn't being built. Because older surface material than 200millon age doesn't exist in the ocean, it is estimated that it means that the figure of the earth is changing in that period.

Surfacing and sinking have been repeated violently on the surface of the earth.

Fig.4 shows the strange travertine of Abbe Lake in African Afar Triangle. This ground was in the bottom of the sea before, and black smoke was being spouted. It is in the ground at the surfacing term now.
Fig4. Strange travertine of Abbe Lake .