Learning from the seminar of the new seismology

The movement of the continent is a sudden change
Fig.1 The stripe pattern of the terrestial magnetism
Fig.1 showed the stripe pattern of the terrestrial magnetism recorded when the magma which spouted from the central ridge was cooled down. It is the proof of plate tectonics theory to explain that a Plate is founded in the ridge, and moved toward the continent plate. Fig.2 took out only the space between Africa and South America.

There is a record for 70millon years on the south side of this figure. But, even one unit (one million years) doesn't exist on the north side, either. The two continents mean that it was not more than one@millon years ago to start division and a movement. It is a very new phenomenon that Africa and South America split.

Fig. 2 one unit is one million years
A continent is sometimes moved in the crustal movement time. But, it isn't moved slowly at a fixed speed. There are many faults to arrange at right angles in the ridge.This is called transfom-fault, and it is thinking about it with one of three fundamental plate movements (eruption, sinking and side deviation). This fault is very much only even in the Atlantic Ocean. Plate becomes a form like a strip of paper if this is the boundary of the plate. As for the ground of the eruption lava, it is difficult to be moved as a unity long. Therefore a crack occurs in the ground. This figure is thought to show that figure. The magma which did an eruption from the ridge part flows through the slope of the mountain in the east and west direction. Even if it is said that it hardened, as for the weak warm lava, it is difficult to be moved with the big board by the unity. A strong crust is supposed to exist under this. This stripe pattern doesn't mean the birth of the plate.

Fig.3 is a map around the red sea which is between Africa and Arabian Peninsula.Both shore forms of the red sea correspond except for the southern Afar triangle zone. It changed before and suddenly crustal movement this place, too. This Afar triangle zone has submarine characteristics (There is no basalt without granite.) . Therefore, it is considering that the bottom of the sea is being made now here. It is not so, and it is right that this is the place where the former bottom of the sea upheaved by the huge earthquake.

Like this, when plate tectonics theory is used, a funny explanation is decided to be given. The earth sometimes changed suddenly, and both MU and Atrantis went down at the bottom of the sea.

Fig.3 Afar Triangle